Give to Help

Give to Help - Womance X Maison Zoé Blais


"A business does not have to be huge or established for decades before it can find a way to help those who need it most. Yes, Womance offers clothes and accessories, but it also has the chance to reach a larger audience. I believe it is not only a privilege for me to be able to help, but also a responsibility. That's why the "Give to Help" initiative was born." – Andréanne Marquis, founder of Womance.

Giving to help aims to raise donations, directly on the online store, for various non-profit organizations in the Quebec City area. It is possible for Womance's clients to make donations quickly and easily, with or without making a purchase. All donations raised are given directly to the organization we have chosen to support.

In April 2020, the first "Give to Help" campaign was launched. The organization supported was Moisson Québec, the only food bank in the greater Quebec City region. This first campaign raised $20,000 in one month! The donations raised were used to purchase food, allowing Moisson Québec to continue its mission. Thanks again to our amazing customers for giving to help.

Before creating "Give to Help," we helped several Quebec City causes in our own way. In June 2019, we donated $25,000 worth of new clothing to women in need. We allowed them to shop for free for the space of a day. With the help of MIELS-QC, we have also joined a dozen organizations. In November 2019, we participated in our very first fundraiser with various partners where we raised $10,000 for ADOberge, which provides help and support to teens.

Every year, we repeat our initiative to deliver new clothing to those who need it most. In 2020, we donated $15,000 in clothing to the Quebec City Multiethnic Centre and $15,000 in clothing to MIELS-QC! We have made a commitment to help the Multiethnic Centre in Quebec City throughout the year and plan to work with them to help them in different ways.

We are also involved with various other organizations, including Maison Zoé-Blais, where we are working to help them meet different needs.

In 2020, Womance decided to prepare lunch boxes to distribute to people in need. For a week, our team members delivered lunch boxes to various community fridges around Quebec City. A total of 200 lunch boxes were donated. This year, we have expanded the project and Womance will be preparing the lunch boxes for two weeks!