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    Sarah Laroche, founder of the Montreal company SELV, is a stylist, photographer, and avid traveler who believes in taking the time to appreciate beauty.

    Having embraced the “slow life” movement through her travels, she took it upon herself to integrate this philosophy into her life in order to benefit herself and those around her. And what represents slowing down better than soaking in a long, comforting bath?

    SELV encourages us to take the time to support our own self-care and that of others. Her eco-friendly specialty bath products are of the highest quality and are all handmade in Montreal with 100% natural and vegan ingredients. .

    3 products
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    Bain moussant - Le Rituel Nordique Bain moussant SELV
    Bath Foam - Le Rituel Nordique
    Huile Botanique Bain & Corps - Le Rituel Boho Huiles SELV
    Rituel Boho Bath and Body Oil - Lumière
    Rituel Lune Essential Oil - Night