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    SOJA&Co. uses quality and environmentally friendly ingredients to create uniquely scented candles of the highest grade.

    Candles are handcrafted in Montreal with 100% natural soy wax, providing an eco-friendly alternative to oil-derived paraffin wax, which is the traditional choice of wax for scented candles.

    All SOJA&Co. candles are designed, manufactured and shipped from Montreal. Their mission is to create a wide variety of high quality products for the home (and spirit!) at affordable prices, all while encouraging local artisans. That's why candles are handmade, with passion, every day!

    Laurence Gaudreau-Pépin is the founder of SOJA&Co. and already owns two full-time restaurants. Well versed in marketing and brand development, she began this creative project with a clear vision: become the top Canadian destination for the creation and distribution of handcrafted candles by offering top-quality products in a wide variety of fragrances. With Quebec's environment and economy at heart, she joins an artist who makes each candle by hand, right here in southwest Montreal.

    3 products
    Chandelle - Bourbon + Citrouille Chandelles Soja & Co.
    Bourbon & Pumpkin Candle
    Chandelle anti-moustique - Citronnelle et Géranium Chandelles Soja & Co. 14OZ
    Citronella & Geranium Anti-Mosquito Candle
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    Chandelle - Camphre et Cashmere Chandelles Soja & Co. 8OZ
    Camphor & Cashmere Candle